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Using Technology to Keep Productive and Organized – Part 2: Business Software Recommendations

by | Sep 25, 2011 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 1 comment

A few months ago I posted a list of PC software I use to keep my music life/business organized. In this post, I’ll discuss some of the software and online tools I use to keep the office here at New York Geek Girls Computer Services running smoothly.

I’ve omitted the obvious ones that everyone knows about such as MS Office or QuickBooks. These are a bit more esoteric, but extremely useful. Most of these tools are free or cheap.

Roboform. So many of my clients complain that they can’t remember all their passwords. I am constantly spreading the gospel about this browser toolbar which automatically stores passwords as well as identity and credit card info so you don’t have to type it in every time you make an online purchase.

Visio. Microsoft’s program to create flow charts and diagrams is extremely easy to use. We use it to document our biz clients’ complex network topography. Recently we’ve also been creating flow charts to establish processes for administrative tasks in the office.

Gliffy. Essentially this is a free online version of Visio. It works extremely well and you can’t beat the price.

Desk PDF – easily create PDFs from any document or web page. If you can print it, you can turn it into a PDF. You could use Adobe Acrobat to do this, but Desk PDF is much cheaper. – Free online PDF editor works very well. Again, it beats the price of Adobe Acrobat.

FaxZero. Free faxing of your documents at their web site, if you don’t mind an ad on the cover page. With no ad it’s just $1.99. For the rare times when we need to send a fax, it doesn’t make sense to tie up a phone line or replace my excellent stand-alone printer with an all-in-one.

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