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Cloud Solutions for New Jersey Businesses and Nonprofits

Stairway to the clouds

Managed IT isn’t just about servers anymore. While we still provide server monitoring and management throughout New Jersey and New York, cloud services have revolutionized IT services for small business.

The cloud offers small and medium-sized businesses affordable enterprise-class email, file access, phone and line of business software as services. Even your desktops can be provided as a cloud service; and both your virtual and physical desktops can be managed by Azure Active Directory.

But cloud security is paramount: how can you provide your employees with cloud access while protecting against hackers, phishing emails, network attacks, social engineering scams, and ransomware attacks?

Cloud Security

We provide state-of-the-art security for the cloud and make enterprise-class cloud security affordable.


Encrypted Cloud VPN

Ensure your employees are accessing your cloud services securely with encrypted VPN services. Encrypted VPN works whether whether your workers are in your NJ or NY office, or around the world. Protect your sensitive data and that of your customers from unsecure public WiFi networks, keyloggers, DNS attacks and other risks.


Managed Multi-Factor Authentication

Affordable managed multi-factor authentication secures your cloud files even if login credentials are stolen.


DNS Filtering

Are users logging in from their home computers with questionable security? DNS filtering can protect you while allowing users the flexibility to work where and when you need them.


Too many logins? Users Overwhelmed?

Single Sign-On makes your cloud services more secure, and saves your employees the time wasting and soul-crushing tedium of constantly logging in to multiple sites.

As your trusted managed IT provider, we can provide the affordable cloud security services that will help keep your data (and your customers’ data) private and safe, while providing a secure and friction-free cloud experience for your workforce.

Unify Your Cloud Experience

How can you manage your cloud services and choose the best cloud providers among the infinite options being marketed to your business?

We’ll guide you to the right cloud solutions for your business or non-profit. As your trusted managed IT service provider, we’ll handle those cloud services for you so you can focus on running your organization.

If your users have questions or need a little help getting up to speed with your cloud, our Help Desk can be there for them as well. You can get back to business, knowing your cloud is under control and your users are getting the support they need.

“Shadow” IT? Let us help!

Is your data all over the map? Shadow IT happens when employees bring their personal storage and devices to the office without company knowledge. If your users are utilizing cloud storage intended for consumer use, they are putting you at risk. We provide user-friendly alternatives with auditing and compliance to track where your data is and who’s doing what with it.

Leveraging the Cloud for You

As a Microsoft partner, we’ll help you leverage the power of the MS products you may already be paying for, including Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, SharePoint and OneDrive.

We also have expertise in other major enterprise cloud services including Google Workspace and AWS; and we are a Dropbox Business partner. We can help you unify, organize and secure your cloud experience around whichever services best meet your needs.

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