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Unable to complete synchronization on Blackberry with DTM 6

by | Jan 26, 2011 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 3 comments

Here’s how I resolved a difficult problem with my Blackberry sync. Since I found very little in the way of solutions when googling this issue, I’m posting my efforts here in hopes that this helps someone having the same problem.

I returned my Droid Monday in anticipation of purchasing the new Verizon iphone. So I’m back to using my Blackberry Storm 9550 until the iphone is available for purchase.

I immediately had terrible trouble getting the BB to sync with my Outlook contacts, which was strange because I’d never had the problem before I’d switched to the Droid. I was getting an error code that is apparently very common: 0x80040fb3. Supposedly this indicates something is wrong with one of the Outlook contacts, buy that didn’t seem to be the case as I tried syncing with several different contact folders. Finally I updated the device to a newer version of the software, and that error code went away. Instead, I simply got the crytic message “unable to complete synchronization”. While a handful of my contacts were there, most were not. Since my business is a mobile one, it’s critical that I have my contacts with me all the time.

I tried two different Windows installations, two different versions of Outlook (2007 and 2010), two different versions of the BB Desktop software (5 and 6), in all possible combinations. (I even tried using Companion Link to use Outlook 2010 with DTM version 5.) Nothing worked. Even if I tried to sync a folder with one contact, I got the same error, “unable to complete synchronization”. Since I had tried different computers, different software, and different Outlook files and profiles, it became clear that the problem must be with the device. I tried wiping the contacts, and then wiping all data, from the Storm. Still the same error, “unable to complete synchronization”. Finally, after several desperate hours, I downloaded an earlier version of BB OS 5 from the RIM web site and installed it. Since downgrading my BB OS, all my contacts have beeen syncing fine.

Remember that if you have data on your BB that is not in Outlook, you should back up your BB before trying this. Since all my data was in Outlook, I just wiped everything on the device with abandon as many times as I needed to.

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