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QuickBooks 2015 Disaster: DO NOT UPDATE QUICKBOOKS 2015

by | Dec 26, 2014 | News | 5 comments

If you are sending invoices from QuickBooks 2015 using the “email” button to send an invoice through you mail program (such as Outlook), do not install the latest QB 2015 update. It causes formatting and content changes in your outgoing invoice emails that you can only correct manually, including an annoying “powered by QuickBooks” notification and an inappropriate “Terms of Service” link (to Intuit’s web site!) at the bottom of your outgoing invoice email.

Screen Shot Quick Books Powered By Quickbooks Bad Update

Note that your company name now appears at the top of the email, and the font and colors cannot be changed in QB Preferences; they too can only manually be edited on a per-email basis. In addition to the problem of how unprofessional this looks, the additional links and formatting mean that your invoicing email is much more likely to end up in the recipient’s spam folder, where she will never see it.

If you don’t want the time-consuming chore of correcting every invoice manually, don’t install this latest update.

If you’ve already installed the update and are experiencing this issue, the only solution (until QB fixes it) is to uninstall QB, and re-install from scratch. Make sure you don’t install this particular update when you re-install QB.

Hopefully Intuit will realize it is unacceptable to brand their customers’ company emails with Intuit’s name and web links (not to mention branding my company with their chosen fonts and colors), and this will be corrected in a future release. Given how long it takes for Intuit to fix these issues (I waited years for a correction to the “space before the colon in the greeting” problem), and how tone-deaf and arrogant they are when it comes to customer service, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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