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How to Run an Online Virus Scan

by | Mar 2, 2009 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 2 comments

Suppose you’re not 100% confident in your anti-virus software. You’d like to run another company’s anti-virus scan but you know from speaking with your friendly Geek Girl that you  should NEVER install two AV programs on your computer at the same time. They will conflict with each other and cause performance problems. Instead, consider running an online virus scan from your web browser. One of the best is Bit Defender online scanner.

One of the things I like about the Bit Defender scanner is that it will not only tell you if you have a virus, it will clean it up for you, without making you puirchase a license as many other online scanners do.

You need to open the link in Internet Explorer, then click the “agree” button. A yellow bar will appear at the top of the browser window and you need to click it and click “run active-x control”. A box might also come up asking to install the scanner. Allow it to install. If you have any firewall software running that asks if it should allow the scanner to run, allow it. After the scanner is loaded, clock the red button that says “start scan.” you’ll see virus definition updates loading, and then the scan should begin.

(One caveat: legitimate on-line scanners do not just “pop up” while you are browsing the web, warning you to immediately do a scan. If this happens to you. you are the would-be victim of  a rogue malware attack and you should close your browser immediatley. )

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