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Google Plus is NOT Calling You

by | Dec 23, 2014 | News | 1 comment

I received a completely unsolicited recorded phone call claiming our Google Plus business profile was not complete. It used the same voice that Google services such as Google Voice use, so I naively wondered if it might actually be automated call from Google. I was instructed to press 1 to complete my profile. On a whim I did just that.

I was connected to an actual human who asked me who I was before identifying himself or his company. It was only when I asked, “am I speaking with a Google employee?” that I was told I was speaking with Trevor from SuperNova Media, a company that apparently was calling me to sell me SEO.

Search engine optimization is a way to get more customers by having your business organically come out here to the top of the search results.

SuperNova Media must not be very good at SEO Marketing if they have to use cold calling and deceitful practices to get customers. If they can’t successfully do SEO for themselves, how can they do it for their customers?

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