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Web Site Security: Checked Yours Lately?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | News | 0 comments

We hear a lot about cyber security as it relates to servers and cloud data storage; but one of the most neglected areas of cyber security is web site security. Too often, after paying to have a great web site designed and uploaded, a company will ignore the ongoing maintenance that keeps that site secure.

Web site hacking is an ongoing problem. In the past year, several companies have approached us after their sites went down or they lost access to their control panel. Here’s how you can protect your web site against hacking and malware, keeping it secure, and up and running, when visitors come calling.

Keep Control of Your Site Login

We’ve already discussed why it’s important to control your domain registration. For the same reasons, controlling your web site access is also critically important. Do you have the login info for your web site? Would you be able to fix your site or have someone else fix it if it stopped working tomorrow? Don’t wait until your site security is compromised to discover that your web designer is too busy with new projects to assist you, or that you don’t have the all the passwords to your site.

Secure Your Site Against Hackers and Malware

Once you have all your passwords, it’s time to make sure your web site is secure, so your visitors see your message instead of an error message when they visit. We can help protect your site and keep it protected.

How We Can Help Secure Your Web Site

Some of the things we can do to improve your web site’s security:

  • Upgrade your code and plugins to the latest versions. (If you don’t know what a plugin is, don’t worry.)
  • Verify user accounts that should be removed or have passwords changed and take action as needed.
  • Install and configure security plug-ins to help keep the site problem-free.

Some of the things we will do to maintain your web site’s stability and security:

  • Regularly apply security updates to your web site.
  • Receive alerts regarding vulnerabilities, malware and hacking attempts and promptly act on them before they bring your web site down
  • Keep abreast of new threats and take action to protect against them.
  • Constantly monitor your web site for outages for any reason and respond promptly.


If your site’s already been infected, you’ll want to address it immediately while there’s still time to possibly save your content and your site. If you need help, contact us.

Of course, keeping your site up to date isn’t much good if your hosting company doesn’t keep their servers up to date. For a secure and affordable web host with great customer service, check out our tech Matthew’s web hosting service.

Ask us about our web site remediation and web site maintenance offerings!




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