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Keep Control of a Critical Business Asset

by | Feb 23, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Recently a business customer of ours which uses our hosted Exchange service emailed us, casually letting us know they were implementing a new web site with a web developer. It all sounded fine, until I did a little digging and discovered that they had handed over their domain registration to this new developer. The new web site developer now had complete control of their domain name and where it points to. Here’s what this means, in layperson’s terms:

  • If this developer went out of business or disappeared, control of their domain name would disappear with them. They were at this developer’s mercy.
  • If they fell out with this developer and wanted a different designer to update or edit their website, they were at this developer’s mercy.
  • If they were unhappy with the performance of the web site host that this developer used or the site got infected with malware because of poor maintenance, they could not move the site files (which they had paid for) to another host. They were at this developer’s mercy.
  • If they needed to change their email server (MX) records or create other DNS records, they could not make the changes themselves and at the time they wanted to make them. They were at this developer’s mercy
  • They did not have the ability to renew their domain name. They had to depend on the developer renewing it. If that didn’t happen for some reason, their web site would be down, mail would stop flowing in and out, and, potentially, a third party could take control of their domain name and demand an exorbitant fee to sell it back to our customer. In other words, they were…

    …you get the picture.

    Here’s a well-written article which explains a bit more and offers some helpful suggestions.

    If you are unsure who owns your domain name, you can check here for the registration info by typing in your domain name in the search box on the upper right and clicking the green button. For example, if I wanted to look at the info for our domain, I would type in “” (without the quotes). When I do this, I see that I am the owner of and contact for

    There is absolutely no need for your web site developer to register your domain name, even if the developer will be hosting your site. Your domain name is one of your most important business assets. Make sure you are in control of it.

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