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A Craig’s List Troller Flags My Help-Wanted Ad! More on CL’s Flagging Epidemic

by | Mar 23, 2012 | News | 1 comment

A while back I wrote a post about the ongoing rash of arbitrary flagging that is destroying Craig’s List.

Recently I placed another ad on Craig’s List, this time advertising a part-time job as office admin. The ad ran successfully for a few weeks. It was in the proper category and location (part-time jobs/North Jersey). After a couple of weeks I renewed the ad by clicking the “renew” button on the Craig’s List site. A few days later I received this cryptic email:

This posting has been flagged for removal.

Please be sure to comply with posted guidelines and the CL TOU:

Information on flagging and community moderation is available:

Advice from CL users about flagging can be found in flag help forum:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.

As I already discussed (and others have confirmed) in my previous post on this issue, there is no help to be found from the “community” in the forums, just abuse from trollers who apparently have nothing better to do than stare at their computer screens all day hitting the flag button. (Or maybe there’s an iphone app for that now.)

Assuming I’m not the only jobs poster who was flagged without cause, a lot of people who need a job won’t find one on Craig’s List. For their own sakes I hope they find more a more reliable place to search.

For anyone interested, here’s the text of the ad that got flagged. Controversial it’s not, I think you’ll agree:
Date:2012-03-10 10:24:38
Title:(admin/office jobs) Detail-Oriented Office Admin for Home Office

Part-time administrative assistant for home office is sought for a growing computer service business.

I am looking for someone nearby who could come in a total of twelve to fifteen hours per week on weekday mornings. An increase in responsibility and hours is possible as things progress.

Some remote work is also possible, including some remote weekend work.

Location: Teaneck, south of Cedar Lane. FYI, I have a cat so if you are very allergic this is not the job for you.

Friendly, casual, but sometimes intense atmosphere.

Some of the tasks you will perform:

Schedule appointments; perform client intake and customer service; enter and track daily company information and data including client info, appointments, job hours, and job summaries in online company portal; track and follow up with clients when necessary; order parts; type emails; and install and activate anti-virus licenses for clients remotely.

I also have a side vocation as a jazz musician. You will be performing some tasks related to that as well including:

Concert booking, managing and editing venue and mailing list contacts; CD mailings; updating events on social media sites and web-page; posting events to social networking sites; assembling press kits, web research and pursuit of possible performance opportunities and help with tour booking.

You should be able to speak well on the phone, i.e., you have a pleasant and professional demeanor, and people can understand what you are saying. Strong writing skills are also required. Attention to detail is critical as is the ability to track tasks and follow up independently.

The preferred candidate will be very comfortable with MS Word, Excel, and Outlook as well as Facebook. You may also wish to indicate if you have experience reconciling bank statements (either manually or with financial software) and using QuickBooks.


-A brief in-line cover letter demonstrating your ability to write coherently
-An attached resume in Word or PDF format
-A desired or required salary range

Submissions that do not contain all of the above will not be considered.

I am willing to pay for a highly qualified, detail-oriented person who is capable of working independently once they understand the job.

If we meet I will request business references. This is an on-the-books position. Start date is flexible.


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