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Why We Don’t Let Users Choose Their Own Passwords, and How to Make it Easy to Enter Your Passwords Anyway

by | May 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Here’s a scenario many of our users experience. We set up a new email or Windows login, and we securely send you (“you” in this case is the user) your password. It’s an ugly password. Too many random letters and numbers. You want to replace it with that easy-to-remember password you use for most of your logins, maybe with an extra letter or punctuation mark at the end to make it “unique.” Something like “ILoveGrandma22.” Your easy-to-hack password creates a big security problem for your company.

This Workplace Password Malpractice Report from our partner, Keeper Security, further explains the risks of users choosing their own passwords. Some of the reports findings:

  • Over one-third (37%) of respondents have used their employer’s name in a work-related password.
  • Over one-third (34%) have used their significant other’s name or birthday.
  • Nearly one-third (31%) have used their child’s name or birthday.
  • 44% of respondents admitting to reusing passwords across personal and work-related accounts


What’s the solution to the problem of remembering complex random passwords? A password management tool that can store complex passwords so you don’t have to remember them, yet is easy to use to fill all your logins. Better still, a password management tool that can be quickly rolled out and efficiently managed across your entire company and will scale as you grow. Ask us about password management as a service.


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