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We Can’t Completely Protect You From Hackers: One Step Only You Can Take

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Cyber Security, News | 0 comments

Yes, you read that headline right. There is one part of the security puzzle that you must complete. We can’t do it for you.

Cloud VPNs, managed antivirus, firewalls, DNS protection, spam filtering, 2 Factor Authentication, password managers…. With all these tools, how is it that so many companies still get hit with ransomware attacks?

How is it that even big companies, with large IT budgets, can still be effected?

The answer lies in the one area that only your users can control – their own behavior. All it takes to bring your company down is one user opening a phishing email and entering personal information, or responding to a text or phone scam by wiring money to a fraudster.

This is why it’s so important to train your users to protect themselves (and your company!) from threats. For this reason, we’re excited to partner with one of the largest cyber security training companies to provide web-based training programs to your users. This training is usually only available to large enterprises, but through our partnership, we are able to offer it to our customers at an affordable price. The goal of the training is to help employees become more aware of phishing scams, hacking attempts, social engineering attempts and other cyber security threats. They can complete the training modules at their own pace, and regular reports keep you informed of their progress.

Ask us about cyber security training, a critical part of your cyber security protection.

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