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We are Not in the Emergency Response Business

by | Mar 6, 2013 | News | 0 comments

Is the headline of this post a shock to you? Perhaps you’re thinking, “What are you talking about? You fix computers! Of course you’re in the emergency response business.”

Emergencies are no fun for us, and we suspect they’re even less fun for YOU, our dear client. So our first priority is to help you avoid them by planning ahead. It’s a WIN-WIN.

Recently a client called us because a virus had taken over his computer and he believed his hard drive was completely empty. He was panicked that his small non-profit organization had lost all their critical data. We had advised this client to back up the machine and offered to configure the backup for him. But the user of the machine, one of his employees, was not “interested”, and so he let it go, despite our warnings. If that data had been backed up, this situation would bave been a minor inconvenience. The user could have hopped on another spare machine until we could get a tech to the site to investigate the problem with the sick machine. Instead, the client was stressed out and calling us after hours, demanding a rapid response after business hours to get his precious files back STAT. Clearly this was completely and easily avoidable.

We would like to be available at 3am when your ten-year old server crashes, but the truth is that we are a small company, and being on call 24/7 is not a sustainable way to run a business or to have a life. We’d rather advise you ahead of time on an affordable replacement for that old server. Plus, do you really want to pay our overtime fee to get a tech on-site at 3am? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put that money towards a more reliable set-up?

Of course, there may be unavoidable emergencies in IT support as there are in life. In theory your hard drive could fail on the same day that three storms take out the three data centers across the country where your data is backed up. The point is that emergencies are are much less likely to happen when a skilled, trusted professional is advising you on how to avoid them, and you ACT on that advice.

So let us work with you to help you minimize your emergency potential by keeping your systems running smoothly and advising you on preparing for outages or downtime.

Small business owners (as well as residential clients with critical uptime needs such as the self-employed, may be interested in our Managed Services plans. With Managed Services, you pay a flat, affordable monthly fee to have your computer(s) monitored and maintained consistently. Your backups are checked monthly (and we receive daily alerts regarding any issues) so you can be assured that your critical data is safe; updates and patches are systematically installed, resulting in greater security; and your computers are monitored regularly so minor issues can be addressed before they become headaches. Managed Services plans save you money (and stress!) because you don’t have to worry about avoidable computer failures bringing your business to an unexpected halt.

Whether or not you choose a monthly maintenance plan, let a trusted professional advise you on how to avoid emergencies based on your particular needs.

Our philosophy is that we should not be in the Emergency Response Business. We should be in the Emergency Avoidance Business. Better for you, better for us.

Let us help!

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