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One question I always ask new clients is, “Are you backing up your data?” These days, most people know how important it is to have some sort of duplication of critical files such as financial data, important emails, contacts and documents.

If you are already backing up your data, then here’s the next question I’m going to ask: Have you verified your backup lately?

Generally, if you’re using a good system, you should receive notification if your scheduled backup does not happen for some reason. However, you still cannot assume that, just because you have set up an automated backup system, it will never require any maintenance.

Backup files, like any other files, can get corrupted, either in the writing process, or later on. Or perhaps you’ve added new software, and therefore new data, to your system, and your backup needs to be modified to include that new information.

Please test your backup to make sure the data you think you have backed up is really in the backup. This should be done at least every few months, depending on your needs. Contact us if you need assistance.

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