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Should I Update My Web Browser?

by | Sep 1, 2012 | News | 0 comments

A residential client recently asked about updating Internet Explorer. If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, the latest version of Internet Explorer for you is 9. If you’re running version 8, it’s best to upgrade to 9. However, certain web sites may look a little funny in Internet Explorer 9, so you may wish to learn about compatibility view.

You may also notice after upgrading to IE 9 that you’ve lost your menu (that list at the top of the progra, window that says “File Edit View…etc.) To get it back temporarily just hit the “alt” key on your keyboard and it will appear.

If your computer runs Windows XP, your computer cannot run IE 9. You should have IE 8 installed. If you have anything less than version 8 of IE, I strongly recommend that you upgrade IE. IE 6 and 7 are not as secure, so if you’re using one of them you’re more likely to get hacked.

In general, for best security, it’s a good idea to keep your browser up to date whether you are using IE, Firefox or Chrome.

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