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How Our Customers and Others Secure Their Remote Workforces

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Cyber Security, News | 0 comments

From our friends at Duo: How do you enable an increasingly remote workforce with confidence when hacking attempts against “work from home” users are at an all-time high? Duo’s security solutions complement any technical environment, and are engineered to verify identity and establish device trust no matter how, where, or when your users choose to log in.

Source: How Duo and Our Technology Partners Enable a Remote Workforce | Duo Security

We are an authorized Duo partner. Cyber Security is a critical pillar of our Managed IT Services for small businesses and nonprofits in New Jersey and New York. Ask us how we can help make your office, mobile and work-from-home workforce more secure. Our cyber security services include:


  • Cloud and on-premises encrypted VPN solutions
  • Security awareness training
  • Policy and procedure development and documentation
  • Cyber security incident response planning
  • Managed and enforced 2 Factor Authentication
  • Access control
  • Advanced web filtering and DNS Protection
  • Managed device encryption
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Remote workforce security
  • Password management and security
  • Dark web monitoring
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