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More on Windows 7

by | Oct 19, 2009 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 0 comments

In the last couple of weeks I’ve installed Windows 7 Pro on three boxes: my desktop PC (64-bit version), my Dell Mini Netbook, and a really cheap laptop which came with Vista Home Basic. So far I really like it. It’s definitely faster than Vista, and there are some nice features built in.

I particularly like the snip-it tool which lets you easily take a picture of anything at all on your screen and save it. Another cute utility that has finally come to Windows is a sticky notes program, which of course Mac OS has had for a long time. It’s not as powerful as Notezilla, which is a paid (but inexpensive) application, but it does the job.

Another nice feature is the built in iso burning, which lets you burn CD and DVD images directly to disc without third party software. I’ve used it several times and it works beautifully.

I am still getting used to the concept of “libraries” Windows 7 style. A library is a sort of virtual folder which lets you organize your files by type. You have a library of documents, as well as a library of music and a library of pictures. You can specify which actual folders the library keeps track of. While I sometimes find virtual folders confusing because I like to know what and where my files are, I can see how this would be very appealing to the average end-user who doesn’t care about directory trees and file structures, but just wants to find his or her files easily.

My Dell Mini came with Windows XP Home edition. I decided to take a chance and install Windows 7 Pro so I could join the laptop to the domain on my new SBS 2008 server. I was a little concerned that the anemic Atom processor used in most netbooks wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I read a lot of online reviews and comments and for most people it seemed to work. True enough, the netbook is running fine and I now have a business-level OS on my cute pink Mini.

More to come.

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