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Incompetence in IT at NASA: From the NY

by | Dec 1, 2012 | Cyber Security | 0 comments

This article discusses the remarkable fact that NASA can’t protect its data. A NASA laptop was stolen, and because the hard drive was not encrypted, multitudes of employees’ data was breached, making them vulnerable to identity theft. A spokesperson for NASA claims it was “user error”, because an employee violated a NASA policy by taking an unencrypted laptop out of the building. Hello? The purpose of security practices is to protect in the worst case scenario, NOT when a user does everything they’re supposed to. I wonder if NASA’s IT department also believes they don’t need anti-virus software because users will follow a “policy” of not opening suspicious email attachemnts. Maybe they don’t have firewalls either, because I’m sure there’s a “policy” in place that users should not go to non-work-releated web site. Someone should be fired over this. Read the entire article by clicking the link below:

Ex-NASA Scientist’s Effort to Protect Privacy Is Frustrated by Courts and Thieves –