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How to Maintain Your NAS

by | Nov 14, 2019 | News | 0 comments

A network-attached storage device (or “NAS”) is a great option for fast, secure local storage for customers that don’t have server computers. However, it’s important to properly maintain your NAS and make sure it is stable and secure from hackers. My storage device contains a lot of personal as well as business-related data, so maintaining my NAS is a priority for me. Maintaining yours should be on your to-do list as well. Here are some simple tips on how to maintain your NAS to keep your data safe and secure.

Synology NAS Device

Don’t Use the Same Login for Multiple Users

A recent article in the Hacker News discusses a new vulnerability found in some NAS devices. This article makes it clear why it’s important for each NAS share user to have their own strong, unique password. It may be convenient to have one set of credentials to connect to your NAS, but from a security standpoint, it’s potentially disastrous. So don’t do it even if you are tempted.

Keep Your NAS Updated

The Hacker News article also recommends that you regularly update the firmware on your NAS. Keeping the NAS firmware updated will patch newly found vulnerabilities and protect against the latest malware and hacker tools.

Backup the Data on Your NAS

Data on your NAS must be backed up so you are protected in case of a ransomware attack or hardware failure. One of the things we like about Synology NAS devices is that they have a built in app that connects to Amazon S3. S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. It’s Amazon’s cloud storage service. You can enter your bucket credentials and set up an automatic backup from the NAS to your S3 bucket in the cloud. Make sure to check the NAS backup regularly.

Turn on Your NAS’ Anti-Virus Option

Many NAS devices offer plug-ins or “apps” for anti-virus as well. These apps will regularly scan your NAS device for viruses and malware. Don’t forget to turn on the anti-virus plug-in and set it to regularly scan your files.

Or, Ask an Expert to Maintain Your NAS

Even with these great features, you may find it too time-consuming to regularly check backups, respond to warnings, and update your NAS firmware and apps. If that’s the case, remember that most managed IT service providers (like us) can maintain your network-attached storage device, ensuring it continues to run smoothly.

Before you hire an IT company to maintain your NAS, or any other devices on your network, ask specific questions about just what their “maintenance” entails. That way you’ll know what you’re paying for. Do they check your backups? How frequently do they Install updates? What would they do if a hard drive failed? Will they set up your device with redundancy? How many drives can fail before the device stops working?  If a drive did fail, would they receive a message letting them know?

Don’t wait until your NAS crashes or gets infected or hacked to find out whether your device is properly protected.