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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! I’d like to thank all the talented and cool people I am honored to call my clients for your business. I I wanted to share some interesting developments in our geeky world. Some of the following may save you money and/or time, so please read on.


Remote access support available. This is a great money-saver for our clients. With remote access, you can temporarily permit us to access your PC or Mac remotely. This means we can fix minor problems without the one-hour minimum we have to charge for on-site visits! We can also do phone consultations if all you need is some “talk therapy”. If you’re not set up for remote access, please ask us about it.



New techs with both Mac and PC expertise. Our client base has grown so much in the last year. I appreciate your referrals and want to continue to provide the exceptional personalized service and responsiveness you’ve come to expect.  We have two part-time techs working with us now. This should insure that, if you have an emergency or need some last minute support, we will always be able to help you. Our two new techs, Frank and Joel, each have PC and Mac expertise, and both are super nice and personable. (They can also handle Windows SBS support, and Frank even knows Linux!) So whatever your platform, we are there for you!


We are an authorized Dell and Lenovo partner. If you are looking to buy a new desktop or laptop, please ask us for a free sales quote. Included with all our computer sales is one hour of free on-site set-up time, as well as our NY Geek Girls Hardware Warranty Service. What this means is that during the manufacturer’s warrranty period, if there are any hardware issues with a computer or monitor you purchased from us, we will handle returns/exchanges/replacing parts for you at no cost to you.


Dell has some great deals on high-quality business division computers with three-year warranties. And while I think the problems with Vista are vastly exagerated, we can get you a Windows XP computer if you prefer.


Extending our service area and a new mailing address. We’re buying a house in Teaneck, NJ. As I’m sure you already know, Teaneck is a great little town just over the George Washington Bridge. Now that we’ll have more space in our new home, I’m hoping to host a networking event in the spring for our many brilliant small business clients. (You guys should REALLY meet each other!) Please feel free to get back to me (or check the blog) if you are interested in receiving an invitation.


This also means we’ll be expanding our service area. From now on, if you have friends and colleagues who could use our services in Bergen County, the Bronx, or Queens, we welcome your referrals.


We will continue to serve our extensive Brooklyn and NYC customer base with the same dedication as always. Our phone number remains the same: 347-351-3031. Email remains: And no, we won’t be changing our name! J


My other life. Many of you know that I lead a shadow life as a jazz pianist/composer. Some of you have expressed interest in receiving notification of my gigs around town. If you’d like to receive occasional emails about my musical goings-on and are not already receiving them, please let me know. I’ll be happy to put you on that list.


Thanks again for your confidence in us.


Wishing you a great year!


Best Regards,



Roberta Piket

New York Geek Girls, Inc.




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