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Another use for Genie Backup – copying Outlook profile

by | Sep 22, 2008 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 0 comments

Outlook 2007 is a very powerful email program, but it’s also very buggy. Today, for no reason, my IMAP mail stopped coming in. I narrowed down the problem to an issue with my Outlook profile, and decided to create a new profile. However, I didn’t want to have to recreate all my account settings, signatures, etc. I was also not looking forward to importing my contacts from the old PST file. Instead, I used Genie Home Backup Manager, which I use to run scheduled backups, to “back up” all those settings with just a few mouse clicks. Then I “restored” everything to the new profile. When I was done, email was coming in to the new profile again.

I use Genie to back up both to a remote server and to an external hard drive. So with one piece of software I can back up to various places. Because it happens automatically and emails me if there’s a problem with the backup, I don’t worry about losing files.

I’ve been so happy with Genie that we started reselling it. It’s easy to set up, reliable, fast, and powerful; and it can save your Oulook profile too!