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Zoom Videoconferencing Security Issue Reported

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Cyber Security, IT for Small Business, News, Tech Tips for Small Business | 0 comments

This article from Hacker News highlights a cyber security issue with Zoom’s videoconferencing software for Macs. The Zoom software installs a vulnerable web server that communicates in an unencrypted manner; and even if you remove the software or install Zoom’s update update, the issue remains because uninstalling Zoom from your Mac does not remove the web server!

The Zoom security vulnerability allows hackers to completely take over your computer.

Fortunately, Apple has release an operating system patch that turns off the service. You will want to install this update.

If you are a managed services customer of ours and we manage your Mac workstations, rest assured that the update has been tested, verified stable, and installed via our patch management service.

If you have not used Zoom in the past, you may wish to use the cloud-based interface, rather than installing the software on your computer. For other, more secure conferencing options, contact us.

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