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Will Your Insurance Company Pay Your Breach Claim If You Didn’t Have Cyber Security Training?

by | Mar 5, 2023 | Cyber Security, IT for Small Business, News | 0 comments

As businesses and nonprofits become increasingly dependent on technology, the threat of cyber attacks is everywhere. In response, many businesses have wisely turned to cyber insurance to help protect themselves from the financial and reputational damage that a cyber attack can cause. If you have cyber insurance, you should be aware that cyber insurance providers increasingly require that businesses undergo employee cybersecurity awareness training as a condition of coverage.

The reasoning behind this requirement is simple: the vast majority of cyber attacks are caused by human error. Whether it’s clicking on a malicious link or using an inadequate password, employees are often the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity defenses. By requiring businesses to undergo cybersecurity training, insurance providers are hoping to reduce the likelihood of successful attacks, thereby reducing their own risk and the likelihood that they will have to pay out on a claim.

Cybersecurity awareness training for employees can take many forms, from online courses to in-person seminars. Some insurance providers may require specific training modules or certifications, while others may allow businesses to choose their own training program, as long as it meets certain minimum standards. Common topics covered in cybersecurity training include password management, phishing prevention, social engineering, and safe browsing practices.

At Geek Girls IT Services, we partner with one of the most respected cyber security training companies in the world to offer cyber security training. Our engaging online interactive content is tailored to your needs and budget, ensuring that employees receive the education and tools necessary to reduce the risk of a breach. Our security awareness training includes regular reports that hold your employees accountable for successfully finishing each training module.

Our cyber security training includes regular security awareness reminders, simulated phishing attacks, and other forms of training and testing to ensure that employees remain vigilant and prepared.

While the requirement for cybersecurity training may seem like an added expense and inconvenience for businesses, it can actually be a valuable investment in your long-term cybersecurity. By educating employees on best practices and common risks, businesses can reduce the likelihood of a breach, and minimize the damage if one does occur.

Ask your cyber security insurance provider if they require cybersecurity training. We can help ensure you are compliant with your policy (and protecting your data and the data of your customers) by providing the training you need.

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