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Why can’t more companies treat their customers like Adesso

by | Jul 10, 2010 | Tech Tips for Small Business | 0 comments

I am a bargain hunter. I’m one of those people who brags about how cheaply I got something on sale, whether it’s a sweater or a piece of computer hardware. I inherited this from my mother, who will not purchase an item unless the store is practically paying her to buy it.

Once in a while, though, I’ll splurge on a little luxury, something I really believe will improve the quality of my life, or simply remove or diminish an everyday annoyance.

A little over a year ago I treated myself to a pricey wireless keyboard/trackpad from Adesso. Of course I shopped around, but it still set me back about a hundred bucks. This is not what I do.

We watch movies on a laptop connected to a big monitor. The wireless keyboard/trackpad lets me control the laptop while comfortably sitting on the other side of the room on the couch. Since we love to watch movies, it was worth every penny for such a reliable and trouble-free device.

But a couple of months ago my quality of life took a hit when the battery compartment cover disappeared. Probably one of the cats stole it. Anyway, I contacted Adesso to ask about purchasing another cover. Not only did they send me another cover quickly, but they didn’t charge a penny, not even for shipping. Considering that the warranty was expired and this was an obvious example of user error I was pleasantly surprised.  Addesso products cost a premium, but the quality and customer service were totally worth it to me. Why can’t more companies behave this way? Or do we really prefer to  get the cheapest price on everything even if it means we get treated like crap down the line?

As per new FTC rules, please  note I did not receive any compensation from Adesso for writing this post. I do not benefit in any way from any purchases anyone may make of Adesso products. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m spelling the companies name right.

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