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Todyl Security: Frequently Asked Questions

Todyl is a comprehensive, cloud-first protection platform that secures and protects your users, It integrates everything you need to deliver the very best security and protection for your business, including:

  • Cloud firewall— puts an invisible wall around your users, devices and data, regardless of where they are located.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)— lets you detect and track all activities within your network, and gives you insights about how to improve your protection.
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)— empowers you to scale and improve your security and compliance program.
What is Todyl and How Does It Improve Our Cyber Security?

Todyl is a cloud-based service providing Next-Gen Firewall, Secure DNS, IDS/IPS, SSL Inspection, Malicious URL Defense, Advanced Threat Detection, Content Filtering, encrypted VPN, DNS filtering, malware proxy scanning and more. It’s an ideal service for users working remotely or while travelling.

Todyl protect your data and your customers’ data by providing a secure connection to your cloud services.

Do I Really Need to Worry About This Cyber Security Stuff?

Hacking attempts, email spoofing and ransomware attacks have increased exponentially. While attacks on large companies tend to make the news, small organizations are attacked regularly.

Particularly with more employees working remotely, hackers have seized on “Work From Home” as an opportunity to attack through vulnerable home and coffee shop networks.

In this accelerating threat landscape, we strongly recommend that all our customers take advantage of our security expertise and implement our recommendations to defend against attacks that can compromise your data or your customers data and shut your business down for days or even permanently,

How Does Todyl Compare with a Traditional Hardware Firewall

Todyl can be much more affordable for small businesses than a hardware firewall. With Todyl, you don’t have to invest a large sum upfront as you would with a hardware firewall. It’s provides the same protection as a hardware firewall, but without the expense of replacing that hardware or paying annual licensing fees.

Does Todyl Work on All Devices?

Yes. Todyl works with Windows and Mac workstations and servers. There are also Todyl apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Can We Use Todyl to Limit Where Users Can Connect From?

Yes. With Todyl, we can set up IP restrictions to limit cloud access only to users on the Todyl VPN, making your logins even more secure.

Can a User Disable Todyl?

Todyl can be configured so that users can easily disable it when they are not working (although most leave it on all the time to take full advantage of its security and privacy benefits).

Can Todyl Help with Auditing and Compliance (GRC)?

Todyl can be configured to assist you with compliance needs. With Todyl, you can successfully identify and manage compliance and regulatory requirements by user, group, organization or industry. Todyl utilizes the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to help guide organizations through the implementation of best practice security patterns, while providing best-in-class baseline policies which can be tailored to the needs of your organization.  

Todyl’s GRC component tracks hundreds of constantly changing international, federal, state and local regulations to help your company remain compliant in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. 

Todyl provides up to 30 days of audit and activity logs to track bandwidth issues and user activity.

We have a Server and a Firewall already. Can We Still Use Todyl?

Yes. You can use Todyl to securely connect your remote workers to your office server, whether you have an enterprise-class firewall or not.

This Sounds Amazing! So What Doesn't Todyl Do?

Todyl isn’t a password manager. It doesn’t include antivirus, although it does include malware proxy scanning using 20 different online malware scanners to help protect your computers and your data from threats. It is not an RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tool, so it doesn’t perform patching or device health monitoring. It’s not cyber security insurance.

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