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System Quote FAQ

What exactly does “set-up time” refer to?

Set-up time can be applied to any work related to getting your computer up and running the way you want. It may include services such as opening the box and assembling the parts, installing and registering your Anti-Virus software, installing/activating your office productivity software, downloading the latest Windows updates, setting up your email, and tweaking your settings so the computer behaves exactly the way you’d like.

If I need more than the included hour of time, can I purchase more time?

Yes, you can always purchase additional time from us and, frankly, your computer setup will most likely take closer to three or four hours. If we are still on-site for the original set-up, then billing for the additional time will be pro-rated.

Do you recommend I purchase a desktop or laptop?

Laptops provide two benefits – mobility and economy of space. If one or both of these is important to you, we recommend you purchase a laptop.

What is the down-side to purchasing a laptop? One disadvantage of purchasing a laptop is that laptops are less expandable than desktops. For example, you can’t add a second internal hard drive or DVD drive to a laptop. For most users this is not going to be an issue.

Hardware repairs can be more expensive on a laptop, because it’s more time consuming (and requires more delicacy) to open them up and work on them. However, the hardware components we replace most frequently are RAM and hard drives, and these components are easily accessible on most laptops (except ultrabooks). Laptops usually cost a little more than a comparable desktop because of the small parts. For most users these minor negatives are out-weighed by the convenience of being mobile.