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If You’re Still Using Office 2013, You Should Upgrade

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Cyber Security, IT for Small Business, News | 0 comments

As of April 11, 2023, Microsoft will no longer support Office 2013. This means there will no longer be security updates for this version of the Office software. Continuing to use Office 2013 risks exposing your company to security risks or compliance violations.

It’s also likely to hinder you team’s productivity, as they wrestle with outdated software that may not be compatible with the latest Windows updates.
If your employees use Office 2013 to connect to Microsoft 365, they may have performance or reliability problems.

If any of your employers are still using Office 2013, upgrading to a Microsoft 365 subscription with Office Apps will ensure they have the newest software with all the latest improvements from Microsoft.


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