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How to Create Inbox Rules in Outlook Web Access

by | Feb 6, 2019 | News, Tech Tips for Small Business | 0 comments

If your email is hosted on an Exchange server, you can use Inbox Rules to organize or filter your email before it arrives on your phone or in your desktop mail app. Here’s how.

(Note: Click on any of the screen shots below to see an enlargement of the picture.)

Log into Outlook Web Access. If you are a New York Geek Girls Hosted Exchange customer, you can use either or

1. Click the gear on the upper right and click Settings.




From the drop down, click options.

2. On the left, under Options, select Mail.

3. Under Mail, click on Automatic processing; click Inbox and sweep rules.

4. Click the plus sign to add a new rule.

5. Type a name for the inbox rule in the Name box and then select a condition and action from their respective drop-down lists.











By default, the “Stop processing more rules” option is checked.


If this is checked, when a message arrives in your inbox that meets the criteria for more than one rule, only the top-most rule will be applied. If you don’t select this check box, all inbox rules for which a message meets the criteria will be applied.

When you’re done, click OK. That’s it!

If you have more than one rule set up, the rules are applied in order from top to bottom. You can change the order at any time by selecting a rule and clicking the up or down arrows.







It’s a good idea to test your rule and keep an eye on your mail for a few days to make sure the rule doesn’t have unexpected consequences.


Editing and Removing Rules

You can edit an inbox rule by selecting it and choosing Edit  to open the rule so that you can change the conditions or actions of the rule.

If you have an inbox rule that you no longer want, you can select it and then select Delete to remove it. Remember to click Save before leaving the page.

If you just want to turn the rule off temporarily, remove the check mark next to the rule and click Save.


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