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How to Avoid Ransomware

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Cyber Security, News | 0 comments

Our partner Keeper Security has published this article on avoiding ransomware. Below, we summarize the main points and discuss how we can help you take these steps.

  • Perform regular system backups in case data is damaged by ransomware or other disaster.

    We offer full backup and disaster recovery solutions for cloud-based and server-based environments.

  • Train employees to avoid phishing and other scams to help passwords remain secure.

    Geek Girls IT offers self-paced cyber security awareness training for your users.

  • Require the Use of an Enterprise Password Management System

    A password  management system enforces strong passwords and provides users with a secure place to store their passwords. We offer a professional password management system.

  • Subscribe to a Dark Web monitoring solution

    Our password management system includes built-in Dark Web scanning. We are notified in real-time if any of your employees’ passwords have been put up for sale, allowing us to force password resets right away.

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