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Windows XP Has Expired

If you've received notice from Microsoft that your Windows XP operating system is "expiring" on April 8th, you may be wondering what to do. Should you upgrade? And what are the risks of continuing to use your computer the way it is? Microsoft has been warning for the...

Sugar Sync Free is Going Away

If you've been using a free Sugar Sync account to sync your files to the cloud and other devices, you need to know that Sugar Sync is discontinuing its free service as of February 8th. You will either need to sign up for a paid subscription or switch to another...

Slow Iphone and iOS 7

Has your iphone 4 or 4S slowed dramatically since you upgraded to iOS 7? Has your battery life noticeably declined? Here is an article on how to restore your old phone to iOS 6. Make sure you back up your iphone before you perform the downgrade! If you have not yet...

Old Computers Are Not Old Houses

A new client contacted me recently to ask if I could resolve an error with his MSN software. In addition he was getting some error messages which indicated some possible operating system corruption. I wrote back to ask him how old the computer was. The answer shocked...

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