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Since 2005 we’ve grown Geek Girls IT by serving our customers with exceptional integrity, reliability and competence. Here are some of our key team members who make that happen.

Roberta Piket

Roberta Piket

Senior Consultant and CEO

Roberta is the founder of Geek Girls IT Services. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Tufts University, which she earned concurrently with a bachelor’s degree in jazz piano from New England Conservatory.

Although Roberta had a brief stint as a software engineer (at the long-defunct Digital Equipment Corporation) before giving it up many years ago to become a professional musician, Roberta’s interest in computer and IT support began when, as a “starving artist”, she couldn’t afford to pay anyone else to solve her computer problems for her. She soon discovered that her left brain was well-suited to the task, and in 2005 she founded the company to provide IT support to New York and New Jersey companies.

From her inauspicious beginning as a one-woman computer troubleshooter, Roberta has grown Geek Girls IT into a full-service information technology company with several experienced techs ready to assist our clients in New York and New Jersey with all things technology-related including network security, servers, PC and Mac workstations, audio/video, mobile devices, Exchange, and PBX services.

While her technical experience and her logical mind make her an excellent computer tech, Roberta believes it is her liberal arts background that makes Geek Girls IT special. More than just a geek, Roberta is an excellent problem solver and communicator who enjoys going the extra mile for her clients, as do all of the team members at Geek Girls IT Services.



Office Administrator

Nancy joined Geek Girls IT in December 2016. Clients appreciate her upbeat and helpful personality. She’s your first point of contact when you reach out to us for IT support and will go out of her way to accommodate your needs. Nancy has a degree in psychology; she also spent many years as a professional musician before re-entering the business world. She’s worked in many different fields – web development, editorial, interior design and accounting – so she has experience with a wide range of office environments.



Senior Technician

Matthew has been working in IT for twelve years. He first became interested in technology when he was twelve. “My mother bought a computer for my brother and me”, he explains. “I loved everything about it, and I took it apart. (My mother was so angry!) When I put it back together it was fully functional! From that point on I would take apart any electronics that I could get my hands on and learn everything about them.”

Matthew has a degree in Network Systems Administration, but he considers himself largely self-taught. He is an expert in network security, web services security, PHP, JAVA, HTML, C+, and Windows and Apple operating systems.

Matthew loves the everyday challenges of working at Geek Girls IT. He especially enjoys troubleshooting issues and addressing security vulnerabilities in networks and websites. In addition to technology, Matthew enjoys riding his Banshee Two-Stroke Quad and spending time with his wife and son.



Lead Technician

Nathaniel has been working in IT for over ten years. He first became interested in technology when he and his older brother built a computer together. Later, his brother would send him on his first computer job, and from then on, he knew he wanted to work in IT.

Nate has a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and is an expert in networking. He especially enjoys setting up networks from scratch. “I love to see an empty room become a functioning office network”, he enthuses. Nate also enjoys solving users’ problems and learning new technology. 

Nate is particularly passionate about connecting with customers. “Some techs focus so much on the technical that they forget about the soft skills.” 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nathaniel is also a talented singer/songwriter who performs and tours frequently.  

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